Hair Bonding

This Hair Bonding technique is the slightest permanent and can be very effectual without the disadvantage such as Hair Bonding connected with glue extensions. The hair weft has small toupee segments stitched onto them.

Usually a set of clip-in additions earnings eight pieces of hairs in different sizes from 2 " wide to eight inches wide. Beginning at the nape of the throat, the hairs is sectioned nicely, and then the weft is placed onto this area with the segments start and experiencing the head. Hair Bonding can be necessary to gently backcomb each area for a more protected hold. This is recurring until each clip-in weft is in position. Clip-ins can be used all day and all night; however, they must be eliminated before resting.

Our company Phc hair clinic providing Hair Bonding service in this strategy minor adjustment is done where instead of attaching the spot with the unique hair exclusively engineered segments are connected to the spot. These areas can be connected on to the unique hair and eliminated, if not necessary. We use today's technology which is a pain-free and non-surgical process providing quick solution with no adverse reactions, appealing complete fulfillment to our prestigious customers. This hair bonding strategy is becoming more popular among both men and women. We provide these services at affordable cost range and became popular as a headline of being the most well-known hair bonding solution provider.

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