Non Surgical Hair Transplant

Non Surgical Hair Transplant is type of medical strategy where in personal hair facilities are moved from one part of the body to hairless or hair loss areas (the receiver site). Non Surgical Hair Transplant is used to cure hair thinning hair loss in the patient. We recommend our reputed phc hair clinics and hospitals in the country who offer these services at affordable rates.

Non Surgical Hair Transplant is a surgery under local anesthesia which involves moving hair facilities from contributor website to bald or baldness parts (recipient site) to produce long lasting results. It is recognized as the most long lasting and effective remedy to hair thinning. Non Surgical Hair Transplant This process is not only a long lasting remedy to hair reduction but also for women and for cases with hair thinning due to burns, accidents, marks etc.

Types of Non Surgical Hair Transplant


Under this process a thin remove containing long lasting hairs are collected from contributor place and grafts are produced from the hair bearing epidermis. due to the flexibility of the epidermis of the scalp the contributor place is padded together again resulting in fine scar which is covered by existing hair and the hair follicles are individually replanted in the place of hair thinning.


This technique does not involve removal of remove or stitches. Under this system Individual hair follicles are produced one by one from the contributor place .Fue is a non-invasive therapy and unlike remove (FUT) process there is no stitch after the therapy therefore the time to recover is comparatively less .

DIRECT IMPLANT (no main contact technique):

Under this strategy grafts are planted within minutes of removal by no main contact strategy. It is the modification over FUE strategy which is less obtrusive, faster and since the time frame between removal and implantation is less therefore this improves the chances of graft survival.

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